Trigona Itama Honey

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Fondly referred to as “Mother of Medicine” by local farmers, Trigona Itama Honey contains 17 amino acids
beneficial to human body, is high in bioflavanoid, and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.


Harvested from the Trigona Itama species of stingless bees, hence its name, the honey possesses high
non-peroxide anti-microbial activity, similar to what is found in UMF standards of Manuka honey.


Propolis, a resinous mixture found naturally in Trigona Itama Honey, is an active ingredient that inhibits
bacterial and fungal growth. Highly prized for itsmedicinal properties, Trigona Itama Honey has distinctive
tangy taste. Proposed benefits include:

  • Improves immune system
  • Traditional remedy for sore throats, cough, and cold
  • Develops gastro intestinal health
  • Enhances respiratory health
  • Improves vitality
  • Slows down ageing process



From Nature to You


Recognizing the immense health benefits conferred by Trigona Itama Honey, founders of Little Green Bee
conducted extensive research to adapt method of cultivating small, stingless bees found in the Amazon
rainforest to its meliponiculture farms in Southeast Asia.


To maintain its quality standard, each batch of Little Green Bee’s Trigona Itama Honey is tested and certified
to their Propolis Plus Factor (PPF), to ascertain quality and quantity of propolis in the honey.


The result: Trigona Itama Honey enriched with beneficial green propolis as well as high levels of anti-oxidants,
vitamins and minerals.