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Probiotics are beneficial bacteria. They are live microbes that grow, nurture and flourish in the gut. Good bacteria that grow and
colonize in our digestive system offer an incredible array of health benefits.


Yogurt and cultured milk are probably the most commonly consumed form of probiotics as packaged food and beverage products.
But there are much more that probiotics offer than just good stools or to stop diarrhea.


Probiotics enable the body to function at its full potential for health. Probiotics are good not only for the digestive system, but they
have also been known to bring health benefits for the immune system, a host of bodily functions, the nervous system, and even
one's mental state.


Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains are the highest grade of probiotics. Every strain is good and beneficial. Lactobacilli are
found in and can colonize all levels of the digestive system, thereby presenting the greatest benefit to our gut health.



The action mechanisms of probiotics


Probiotics colonize different areas of the gut; as such they prevent bad bacteria from growing and producing toxins. When
probiotics flourish in our gut, they begin to combat bad bacteria and suppress them.

The benefits probiotics, and lactobacilli in particular, bring to our body (not in sequence of importance):

  • Convert prebiotics into metabolites that keep the body healthy;
  • Protect the gut against bad bacteria being absorbed into the system;
  • Detoxify the digestive tract;
  • Lower the level of toxic reactions in the gut;
  • Reduce the chances of inflammation;
  • Improve nutrient uptake and the absorption of beneficial supplements into the body;
  • Stimulate and strengthen the immune system;
  • Reduce the risk of colon cancer and other diseases;
  • Alleviate food allergy symptoms;
  • Produce folic acid;
  • Lower serum cholesterol;
  • Improve the development of blood vessels;
  • Help create healthy fatty acids (useful in the development of cells);
  • Help the processing of fats and fights obesity (useful for human suffering from pancreatitis);
  • Regulate thyroid and adrenal activity;
  • Synthesize vitamins K and B complex;
  • Synthesize amino-acids necessary for energy, recovery, muscle and strength gains, brain and mood function, the
    growth and repair of bones, tissues and cells, and enabling vitamins and minerals to do their jobs;
  • Assist in the development and function of the brain and nervous system;
  • Improve mood and concentration with its calming effect on the nervous system and the production of serotonin;
  • Improve growth substrates (maximizing growth).

Benefits such as increased nutrient uptake, is UNIQUE to Lactobacilli. This characteristic enables our body to absorb
vitamins and supplements better.


Can yogurt replace human probiotic supplements?


No. Yogurt is good to consume, but the live bacteria count in yoghurt is nowhere near that of a concentrated probiotic
supplement. Besides, some people might be lactose intolerant. Only products specifically labeled “Probiotic Yogurt”, and
those that specify the strains of bacteria will have probiotics. Most store varieties of yogurt have live cultures, but not
necessarily probiotics.



Key factors to look out for when purchasing probiotics


We understand the confusion consumers face when choosing probiotic supplements.  Here are the tips to look out for:


The first is the types of bacteria strain present in the supplement. There are many strains of lower-grade probiotics that
are very resilient and multiply very easily, meaning that the CFU count can be very impressive on the label, but they are
not 100% safe and effective. For instance, there would be little point to have 1 billion bacteria colonize only one area of
the digestive system or to introduce potentially harmful bacteria (some strains of probiotics have bad relatives) to our
digestive system.


The second is CFU count, or Colony Forming per Unit count. This indicates how much live bacteria will take root and
grow in the gut. The higher the number, the more potent the doses of probiotics will be. However, it all depends on how
it is formulated too.

The third, and equally important would be the formulation. Otemchi's AXT® formulation produce superior probiotics that
also contain probiotic metabolic by-products or postbiotics that are important to our gut healthy.

The last but not the least would be the country of origin. Imported probiotics may not be as effective should there be less
than ideal shipping conditions and traveling time that might lower efficacy on live bacterial cultures.


How probiotic formulation makes huge difference in efficacy 


The main and most obvious difference between the probiotic supplements in Lactomart and others out there is the
superior AXT® formulation. AXT technology enables extraction of the best quality an characters of proprietary Lactobacilli
to benefit our gut when consumed. The Intellectual Property of AXT® belongs to Otemchi Biotechnologies ("Otemchi"). 

Otemchi's probiotics are formulated and manufactured in Singapore. That means that consumers in Singapore are getting
the freshest possible dose of probiotics. Extensive air or sea travel can adversely affect the live cultures of probiotics,
meaning that if they are not properly stored or exposed to heat, many overseas imports arrive with a much lower live
bacteria count than advertised.

Furthermore, as Singapore is a tropical rather than temperate climate, the bacteria formulated here tend to be more active
than their temperate cousins.



Difference in strains between Otemchi's probiotics versus others


Otemchi's probiotics are from Lactobacilli formula because Lactobacilli are the highest grade of probiotics, and each and every
strain of Lactobacillus is safe and beneficial. The mix does not contain the lower grade forms of probiotic bacteria, such as
streptococcus or enterococcus, which are not 100% safe and effective across all strains.

Lactobacillus is able to colonize and be present in all levels of the digestive system, meaning that it is far more effective as 
it is able to help the entire digestive system and not just one part, as opposed to other products containing mainly the lower
grades of probiotics.

It is also important to note that too many strain varieties can cause conflict and inhibit the efficacy of the formula.
Otemchi's proprietary strains were selected because they each target key areas of the gut.


Combining prebiotics and probiotics are known to offer enhanced gut health benefits and all Otemchi's probiotic supplements
do contain prebiotics to ensure consumers get the comprehensive benefits.


Do probiotics cause any side effects?


People who consume probiotics can get loose stools or diarrhea initially. This is a common occurrence when you first start
taking it, as the built up fecal matter in the digestive system will be cleared out. But this is not a serious problem and the body
will balance itself out.


Do probiotics have conflict with medication or other supplements?


No, but if an individual has an extremely compromised immune system, then he or she should let him or her get stronger
before letting them take probiotics. In view of that we have used a special formulation technique to produce heat-killed probiotic
range called
minidenz that suits people with immuno-compromised condition.


Why do certain probiotics need refrigeration and why some don’t? Will it still be effective if we bring along
during travel probiotics that need refrigeration?


Refrigeration means live cultures are kept as fresh, alive and active for as long as possible. Some manufacturers
may opt for different techniques to keep them fresh.  Though that is only one aspect to know, the other part is the
ability to survive the harsh gastric acid environment. 
Otemchi's live bacteria are resilient enough to survice the trip
through the digestive system and flourish.  


At Lactomart, we offer consumer flexibility to choose from two range of fast-acting probiotics: live (livedenz) and
heat killed (
minidenz). The latter does not require refrigeration, versatile, and very ideal to bring along during travel.