Minidenz - heat killed probiotics

Minidenz - heat killed probiotics
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No refrigeration required and fast acting, make minidenz the TRAVELLERS' CHOICE PROBIOTICS.

  • Suitable for individuals with compromised immune system.
  • Suitable for use with antibiotics.
  • No refrigeration required.

30 Vegetarian Capsules | Halal

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minidenz is fast acting, heat-killed probiotic blends with fermented bioactive metabolites (postbiotics) to keep our
gut healthy on daily basis.

It is formulated from Superior AXT® Technologies that deliver high performance blends favouring rapid good bacteria
growth, and effectively suppress bad bacteria that can cause intestinal upset.

Robust, beneficial, pathogen-suppressing natural metabolites and ingredients are long-term solutions to prevent and
provide symptomatic relief in common gut-related issues like diarrhea, bloating, indigestion, flatulence, IBS, acid reflux,
and eczema (atopic dermatitis).

A healthy gut also allows our body to absorb essential nutrients more efficiently and builds a strong immune system.

As the bacteria are heat-killed, minidenz is safe for all adults and children, including individuals with compromised
immune system. It is also suitable for use with antibiotics.

minidenz does not require refrigeration and is fast acting, as such makes it the TRAVELLERS' CHOICE PROBIOTICS.

minidenz is a convenient and holistic approach to keep our gut healthy.

Fermented Lactobacilli excipients and prebiotics.


Each capsule contains:

Superior AXT® Technologies of heat killed, proprietary strains: Lactobacillus spp., and Bifidobacteria sp.

  Adults:           1-2 capsules
  Children:      ½-1 capsule


Before / after meal. If a stronger dose is preferred, it should best be taken twice daily.
One capsule in the morning before / after breakfast, and one capsule in the evening before / after dinner.

What does minidenz do?
The active ingredients in minidenz are able to protect our intestines against disease causing agents, aid digestion and
absorption of food and nutrients. It helps to negate the side effect of indiscriminate killing of gut bacteria by antibiotics and
balance the intestinal bacteria flora with "good bacteria".

minidenz is effective in preventing and providing symptomatic relief in food poisoning (especially traveller's diarrhea),
bloating, flatulence, ibs, indigestion, and acid reflux / gastric acid. 


Who needs minidenz?

Everyone. minidenz is intended for individuals with compromised immune system as well as health loving individuals.


If I'm immuno-compromised, how can minidenz help?

minidenz is specially formulated for immuno-compromised individuals as the probiotics are rendered safe through
heat treatment.


If I'm healthy and fit, do I still need minidenz?

Yes. Regular consumption of minidenz keeps our intestinal tract healthy as minidenz encourages the growth and
proliferation of healthy and beneficial microbes in our intestines. This is vital to the proper development of our immune system.


How is minidenz different from other probiotic capsules?

minidenz is different as its efficacy comes from the heat-treated bioactive ingredients and not from the "live bacteria" model.
The superior AXT® formulation includes metabolites, activated blend of powerful, proprietary strains, and bioactive ingredients
that are essential and more effective to protect our gut. It is convenient to carry around and also excellent for travellers, as it
does not require refrigeration.


How do I know it works?

Taking minidenz 1 to 2 times daily should see a general improvement after 6-12 hours. For those who are healthy with no
medical ailments, taking minidenz will continue to ensure healthy gut and increase immunity, making them less susceptible
to falling sick. For individuals with weak immune system, taking minidenz will help ensure a healthy gut and increase
immunity, making them less susceptible to falling sick.


How long do I need to consume minidenz?

minidenz contains bioactive ingredients essential for gut health. It is therefore ideal for daily consumption for as long as
consumer chooses to maintain gut health.


Is minidenz suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, minidenz is rendered safe through heat treatment, and suitable for pregnant women to maintain gut health.
Please consult your specialist, if you are unsure minidenz is suitable for your specific condition.


How young can a child consume minidenz?

A child who has started on semi-solid food can consume minidenz.


Do I need to refrigerate?

No refrigeration required. Avoid direct sunlight and keep in room temperature.

Calvin Chong, Singapore on 16/08/2018
3 reviews
I converted to this product from another brand of probiotics which after taking I do not feel any difference. In contrast, minidenz is a very good product with good​ postbiotic formulation. After taking it for 6 days, I experienced less bloating and I feel that my digestion has improved tremendously! It's convenient too, no need to store in fridge! Highly recommended​!
Mich Lim, Singapore on 23/07/2018
3 reviews
I was recommended to minidenz during a bad bout of diarrhea and this has completely cured it and my digestive systems more balanced going forward. I no longer am that susceptible to food poisoning and I have a healthier gut now as compared to the past. minidenz not just regulates on daily basis, but it gives protection against extreme food poisoning attack.
Natanael Peranginangin, Bandung, Indonesia on 25/06/2018
3 reviews
A week plus in Menado due to a close relative's wedding took its toll on me. I struggled with a seemingly endless bout of diarrhea. I was blessed to meet a friend who advised me to take 2 capsules of Minidenz straight away. I did just that and felt as if the diarrhea went away almost instantly. The diarrhea made me felt Otemchi Minidenz is the real deal!

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