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You have heard of PREbiotics and PRObiotics, going forward you will be hearing a lot more about POSTbiotics.


Postbiotics are metabolic by-products of probiotics or soluble factors secreted by live beneficial bacteria during fermentation
Postbiotics do not contain live bacteria cells, yet able to elicit beneficial effects on gut health exerted through
mechanisms similar to probiotics themselves.


The beneficial effects on gut health from postbiotics include:

  • Suppression of bad bacteria
  • Growth proliferation of beneficial bacteria#
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Immunomodulatory effect
  • Improve mucosal gut barrier integrity
  • Promote growth of intestinal epithelial cells

# Postbiotics help proliferate the hundreds or thousand of "NATIVE beneficial bacterial strains" in our gut, as opposed to
   administration of probiotics whose beneficial effects are derived from only a few strains within the supplements.  
   As such, postbiotics offer much more comprehensive gut health benefits than probiotics.


Postbiotics are key factor in maintaining long-term gut health


Besides offering similar probiotic beneficial effects, postbiotics have drawn more attention because of their ability to exert
biogenic activities, stable chemical structure, safety dose parameters, and long shelf life.


Naturally most studies on postbiotics have been done on Lactobacillus-based derived factors, being the most researched genus
of gram-positive facultative anaerobic bacteria. 
Many studies have also indicated that postbiotics deliver more favorable outcome
than probiotics in addressing chronic inflammatory cases such as IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases).


Postbiotics have also been developed as effective alternatives to avoid risks associated with administration of probiotics,
especially in immune-compromised individuals.


These are some attributes that make postbiotics the most advanced breakthrough in microbial sciences.


Versatile digestive health properties for applications in foods


Survivability of viable live cultures during food and beverage productions has largely limited probiotic applications mostly to
cultured milk and yogurt.


On the other hand, the digestive health properties from postbiotics are highly stable and able to withstand various manufacturing
environment as such they can be incorporated in various types of food and beverage beyond conventional applications by probiotics.


Functional Foods with Probiotics or Postbiotics


At Lactomart, not only we bring you high-grade probiotic supplements, but also foods that support digestive health and immune health,
featuring probiotics or postbiotics in them.