About Us


Founded in 2016, Lactomart is an online platform for individuals who seek gut health through high quality probiotic supplements and
functional foods that contain digestive health and/or immune health properties.

Having personally experienced tremendous health improvement from consuming Otemchi's probiotic supplements, its founder believes 
in sharing the revelation, importance of gut health, and natural boost to immune health via supplementation of high quality probiotics. 

Since embarking on daily probiotics regime in 2014, common issues like cold, flu, sore throat, food poisoning, were things in the past.
Frequency of doctor's visit that averaged 10-12 times yearly dropped to once yearly at most.  It not only saves medical bills, but also 
improves work productivity, more culinary adventures, and better quality of life (i.e. more quality time with family, lesser down time due to
common health discomforts, not to mention contagion risk in the family).  
Probiotics help restore balanced gut microflora that holds key
to overall gut health and immune health.


The introduction of Otemchi's probiotics have also helped other individuals with common gut issues like constipation, IBS, indigestion, 
susceptibility to food poisoning, acid reflux, and children eczema, prompting to formation of Lactomart.

Lactomart is an authorised distributor for Otemchi's probiotic supplements.


“All diseases begin in the gut” - Hippocrates.  

Gut health is not only about healthy digestive system but it has direct correlation to immune system, nervous system, and other bodily
functions. Essentially gut is our first layer of defence against many types of diseases, making it a primary measure in preventive health.

The gut health foundation has also become more and more paramount these days with all sorts of artificial additives and chemical
preservatives in processed food, as well as imbalance lifestyle causing various health issues often linked to digestive tracts. We are
what we eat, afterall!


Probiotics and Functional Foods


Expanding its philosophy on gut health, immune health, and preventive health, Lactomart has since expanded from offering only
probiotic supplements to include functional foods that promote digestive health and/or immune health.


While probiotic supplements play an essential part in maintaining healthy gut, at Lactomart, we highly encourage balanced lifestyle:  
regular exercise, healthy diet, eat at moderation, and sufficient sleep.  Balanced gut flora must be matched by balanced lifestyle.


Lactomart is a B2C portfolio brand of Bronnen Asia Pte. Ltd.