Dark Chocolate 72% with Postbiotics

NEW -12% Dark Chocolate 72% with Postbiotics
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World’s First Artisan Chocolate Pearls with bioAXTive Postbiotic Lactobacillus

These passionately crafted Chocolate Pearls are boosted with bioAXTiveTM Postbiotic Lactobacillus or Lactobacillus fermented extract that promotes digestive health.

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Dark chocolate 72% boosted by bioAXTive Postbiotic Lactobacillus

  • Contain Postbiotic Lactobacillus that Promotes Digestive Health
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Artificial Flavors

A perfect dark chocolate with a distinct balance of bitterness, fruity-winey notes and a hint ofr sweetness.
This chocolate is delectably crafted from a premium fermented single origin Cacao beans from East Indonesia.

NET Weight 100g

Keep in a cool and dry place (18-23 C)

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